A man was alone in the mountains. It was a cloudy day. Along the trail spots of snow. The ski lifts were closed. Such a day in between seasons that one can be happy to be out and alone with oneself and the mountains. And the mountains in this story happened not to be in Val d’Herens but in Lauterbrunnen, a bit to the north-east.


The man went up and up, and when he got to the beautiful Gimmelwald, he saw on the map that the only way back was a closed foot path. So he was stuck. And then this cat came, as the story goes, and guided him back to the trail he had to take. On Reddit he posted his photo, and National Geographic Traveller covered the story. In reaction to the photo, many others mention the same cat in the same area (as well as many other similar experiences). And although this story is a bit off topic, we thought it too sweet not to tell.