The ski area of Quattre Vallées or in Eglish the Four Valleys, is a real gem, so planning your skiing is a good idea. The area has over 400 km of slopes, in all colours and levels. Around Thyon you’ll find a number of easy blue slopes. At this side of the mountain some slopes are red. The Etherolla slope is black, although this is a bit depending on the snow conditions. When the slope is well prepared it is more red than black. Towards Siviez the Greppon Blanc slopes are often in very good condition. If you want to meet for lunch with non-skiers, the easiest are the restaurant of Sporting (les Collons 1850), next to the Joc drag lift, or restaurant La Cambuse (Les Collons 1900), next to the drag lift of La Matze. Both can be reached by car and by bus. Check the bus schedule.

If you go for a thrill, climbe the summit just above the Greppon Blanc drag lift and descend the l’Eteygeon: an unprepared slope that ends at the busstop of Pralong. Take the bus back to Les Masses and have a bite in restaurant le Bois Sauvage in Les Masses.

Skiing all the way to the city centre of Verbier will take you around 2 hours.

See interactive piste plan